You can target Business or Vacation, High End or Regular travelers.

Hotel TV Advertising

Through our patented software, Market Specific Ads affords clients the ability to advertise to both the Business and the Leisure Traveler. The Hotel Industry is the third largest in America, and with Market Specific Ads' unique technology you can reach travelers with your product, service, or message on a local, regional and even national level.

Why advertise with hotels?

Hotel Cable Television Advertising has a distinct advantage over many other types of advertising in that it can target specific Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs) within Local, Regional and National markets. MSA can offer advertising on networks such as CNN, ESPN, A&E, Discovery, Fox News, Fox Sports, Lifetime, TBS, TNT, USA, TLC, HGTV and many more from right within the hotel room. This is not a closed circuit “hotel information channel”; rather, the commercial advertising is selectively embedded into the network feed to put your commercial advertisement on the very networks the hotel guests would watch from home.

Recent statistics suggest that 48% of all travelers are travelling for business. The typical Business Traveler remains in his hotel room 73% of the time. Most are men (68%) aged 35-54, and tend to hold professional or management positions with an average income of over $70,000 a year. Of these business travelers, 40% spend one night, 25% spend two nights, and 35% spend three or more nights.

With a total revenue of $122.7 Billion, the Hotel industry ranks third in the United states. According to STR Global, an industry research firm, room rates are expected to average $94.39, up from $90.88 in 2005, and are expected to rise to $96.28 in 2011. The national occupancy rate of 55.1% is also expected to rise in 2011 to 56.3%.

Recreational travelers still make up the largest demographic of Hotel guests nationally (52%). Statistics show that most are adult couples aged 35-54, and 41% of them make more than $75,400 per year in income. Leisure travelers typically arrive by car (74%), reserve ahead of time (85%), and pay approximately $94 per night per room. The largest number of leisure travelers spend one night (45%), while 28% spend two nights and 27% stay three nights or more.

Travel in the United States currently accounts for $740 Billion in expenditures. Whats more, the United States also enjoys the largest share of international tourism in the world. In 2005, spending on travel by international guests totaled $82 billion, excluding passenger's fares. In 2008, that number had risen to $110.5 billion.

On average, the traveler's hotel television is on 3.4 hours each day. Because there is no access to recording equipment such as DVRs or TIVO, hotel guests cannot skip through commercial advertisements. These are by nature affluent viewers with only a select programming list. Thus advertisers are able connect more meaningfully with more people than they might in a conventional cable system at home, because the audience is constantly changing. Furthermore, because of the size of most hotel rooms, hotel guests are often in constant view of a television.

Market Specific Ads is ahead of other advertising media companies in terms of its innovation and new market growth. MSA has the technology to lead the industry as the advertising company of the future, and we would like to take your company with us today.